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Cleaning® Program reduces the spread of germs and provides measurably cleaner results.

We're a family owned and operated business – always have been, always will be. We've made cleaning of every variety – from one office building to surgical centers – our life's work.


You have a lot of responsibility on your plate. The last thing you want is  to stress over complaints about full trash cans, dusty rooms, or dirty floors. M&T Cleaning Solutions understands the importance of properly trained people with healthy cleaning products. The success of our company depends on our ability to deliver more than just a clean building, but also a healthier environment to work in, and by providing you with excellent customer service and prompt response, that way you’ll free up more time and concentrate what is important - your customers.


Why continue to hire one janitorial company after another resulting in the same problems, when you can hire a company who is committed to reducing your stress level and saving you time?


Every business owner and manager knows that having the right commercial cleaning service is essential for the well-being of their company. A clean, fresh appearance is more inviting for customers, which helps a business retain and increase its load of clients. Buildings that are cleaned by a qualified office cleaning service demonstrate to clients a concern for detail on the part of the companies housed therein, making these companies more attractive to prospective clients.


Whether you own or run a large business, small business, General Doctor's Office or a Surgical Center in Palm Beach and Broward County, M&T Cleaning Solutions can help you maintain your facility and take your company to the next level. 


Over the years we have learn that our clients wants a company that does good work but also one that is also honest, reliable, and responsive. They want a service that does superior work at affordable rates, and we are committed to fulfilling our client’s needs. You can hire us with the confidence that we will be able to meet all of your Healthcare, commercial building cleaning and office cleaning services

needs professionally, affordably, and efficiently.

We look forward to serve you and have you as

a member of our long lasting satisfied customers


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General Janitorial Cleaning Service

Countless hours of productivity are lost to businesses every year due to sick workers. M&T Cleaning Solutions CDS Cleaning Program helps ensure the health and well-being of your staff, saving you time and money. 

Day Porter Cleaning Service

Nightly office cleaning is not enough for some high-traffic businesses. These facilities require cleaning throughout the day in order to maintain their professional appearance. M&T Cleaning Solutions will provide your business with reliable and experienced day porters and matrons who will keep your space clean, sanitary and inviting.

Post Construction and After Renovations Cleaning Services
Post- Construction Cleaning

Dirt and debris are inevitable during any renovation project. While renovation 

experts do a basic cleanup, they are not a professional cleaning company, and often residue of the work performed is left behind. M&T Cleaning Solutions has the equipment to erase the remnants of a recent renovation job.

Move In and Move Out
Cleaning Services

Whether you are a property manager or moving into a new home, the cleaning experts at M&T Cleaning Solutions will make everything smell fresh and clean while achieving an extra cleanliness when you use their move-in cleaning services.

Floor Care Service

Occasionally every business needs some special cleaning services to maintain a high level of cleanliness and improve the appearance of their facility. Our well trained Floor Care technicians are ready to help you increase the longevity of your floor and save you money long-term

House Sitting Service

While you’re away M&T Cleaning Solutions will inspect your home on a daily or weekly basis and provide you with monthly inspection reports.  In the event that we find a problem, we will contact you immediately to quickly resolve the issue at hand. We will get your house ready for your arrival...

Why Choose Us?

Locally Own

Locally based cleaning services help our local economy. When two local based companies, (like M&T Cleaning Solutions and your business), form a working relationship we are both helping to stimulate our local economy.

Our Employees no Sub-contractors

We are invested in our employees to keep them happy and consistency on each cleaning by providing them full training and rewards program. With Sub-Contractors they use their own method and the company you contracted can't guarantee you the process and method of cleaning that are being use.

No Empty Promises

We promise to be completely upfront and honest with you in our business dealings. No empty promises, no bait-and-switch. Keeping our word is one of the reason that set us apart from other cleaning companies.

No Long Term Contracts

For your peace of mind we don't bind you in long term contract. Our contracts are month-to-month, if for any reason you may want to stop our services all you need is to give us a 30 days' notice.

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